our story

less waste, more fringe

Sustainability, purpose, attention to detail, and down-home sophistication are at the heart of the Amber Seagraves travel and leisure accessory line. We are proud to design, source, and craft our products in Los Angeles, meaning less energy and fewer emissions. Our Italian leather and suede are tanned locally, and no part of the hide is wasted. Excess materials are used for smaller accessories, denim is upcycled (often surplus or vintage), and our top pattern makers and samplers earn a premium wage. 


After years of collecting dust, the first pillow sketches by Amber Seagraves were finally delivered to a sample maker and brought to life in 2015. The Elka and Axel were the first products in what would become a bohemian-inspired product line of modern bags, vintage textiles, and luxe travel accessories. Having spent much of her career designing for Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Guess Jeans, Amber creates each Amber Seagraves product with an eye for fine craftsmanship, a knack for menswear, and a passion for adventure, resulting in refined accessories with rustic allure.