7 Ways To Achieve A Desert Vibe In Your Abode

Howdy!  I'm coming up on 4 years living in California by way of N.Y.C. and I am definitely a Cali Girl. I absolutely love the nature and versatile California scenery and the ability to go on road trips and experience the nomadic wanderlust of the West Coast.  One of my favorite things to do in California is to head out to The Desert.  The color palette and ease of The Desert conveys a quite and laid back sensibility that feels out of this world form the daily hustle and bustle of life in LA LA Land.  When I'm unable to head The Desert in the meantime I can always bring the calming desert vibes to my home.  So enjoy the read and check out some of my tips and pics to get your desert vibe.  Love, Amber.


Adding some cactuses and succulents can instantly give you that slow living desert feel.  And feel free to mix up with other house plants and remember your watering schedule.  As cactuses, succulents need less water to survive and thrive.



If you aren't a plant person, no worries, just get some cool cactus art. Cactus art totally adds a cool relaxed feeling to your abode with out the stress of trying to remember when you watered them :)  Some of my favorite cactus artists are Sara Combs and Wilder California.


It's all about the finishing touches, and I just love a good planter.  I especially love the ones pictured here because of their beautiful desert hues.


A steer in the desert reminds me of the WIld West and this is Lasso Abode after all. Come to think of it I want to add a giant steer to my bedroom.  And if a skull isn't your thing, many retailers have faux alternatives.  Thou you know mine will be real.  A steer will give your desert dwelling that boho-western touch.


Macrame and all things knitted will add a cozy feel to your desert home. Love the simple yet texture rich styling of these photos.  And yes that's our Lasso Abode Elka Fringe Pillow sitting pretty in a gorgeous home featured in Apartment Therapy.  Fringe and macrame are always pals.


I am so loving this trend right now!  Rattan Chairs have that indoor / outdoor feel and can be easily dressed up with fun pillows and textures.  


Life is a bit slower in the desert, so forget your iphone and lap tops for your music. Enjoy some old school records and play a guitar around the fire pit for that staycation feel.

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